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Castigat Mores

Hogwarts RPG ~ 1858

Hogwarts RPG ~ 1858
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Hogwarts RPG of 1858
So many years after the trials of Salem, and still witches are looked upon as the guilty party in what could have been the final revealing of the wizardry world's existence to the muggle eye. Their treachery has been easily punished: no longer had they their wands, nor the privilege of indulging in formal studies.

But in 1858, the Ministry stresses to a reluctant headmaster Rowan Avery that the uprising Grindelwald crisis demands new forces to keep him at bay.
Witches are allowed entrance.
But at what cost?
Discriminated by the male student body, looked down to even by professors, the game is one of hunt and prey, among the houses, and among each other...

In order to find out everything about how to Apply/Contact Us, the Hogwarts of 1858 and (we hope soon) the biographies of our players' characters, please give a look (can we pray for an admirative one? *grin*) at:


And yes, we explain the RP's title there. *smile*

For OOC posts, and plotline developement (for those not contacting other members through IM) go to our OOC community at cm_ooc

List of students at the present time

First Year
Marie Beaune ~ Hufflepuff
Ulisse Benedictus ~ Slytherin
Phineas Black ~ Slytherin
Jediah Pierce
Candace Roderick ~ Slytherin

Second Year
Aberforth Dumbledore ~ Hufflepuff
Peyton Roderick ~ Slytherin
Carmina Tennyson ~ Hufflepuff

Third Year
Emeric Dalmeiier ~ Hufflepuff
Piper Dalmeiier ~ Gryffindor
Catherine Krayven ~ Ravenclaw

Fourth Year
Alzbeta Aglionby ~ Ravenclaw
Farrell Keenan ~ Slytherin
Liberius Lovegood ~ Gryffindor
Adele Malfoy ~ Slytherin
Elspeth McDowell ~ Ravenclaw
Nyssa Milth ~ Ravenclaw
Eoghan Riley ~ Hufflepuff
Emily Wilkes ~ Ravenclaw

Fifth Year
Eliza Heaton ~ Ravenclaw
Urien D’Ange ~ Hufflepuff

Sixth Year
Cassiopeia Artifex ~ Gryffindor
Erasmus D’Ange ~ Slytherin
Albus Dumbledore ~ Gryffindor
Ebenezer Ludd ~ Slytherin

Seventh Year

To all those that are currently considering applying: please take note of the Years and Houses lacking students, as well as the slightly unbalanced male/female proportions. (More females born in a time when witches sometimes chose to kill their daughters…)