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Hogwarts RPG ~ 1858

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Care of Magical Creatures- (all years from III-VI, all houses who elected this class) [Aug. 18th, 2004|02:06 pm]
Hogwarts RPG ~ 1858
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Professor Winchester was going to be late to his first class, ‘Thank god Avery has his own class to attend to’, he kept saying to himself on the way to the main entrance. He hadn’t bothered to check out which year he would be teaching that morning so he wasn’t fully sure if his first lesson was appropriate. ‘Oh bother, oh bother,’ was the other thing he kept saying to himself on the way out the door and down the stone steps. Winchester knew his class wasn’t one of the more popular ones and he was always self conscious about what he taught. The students had signed up for this class which meant they had some faith in him to show him some unique and worthy creatures, he always managed to do that (so he thought and was told) but nothing could help it, he was always anxious during his first few days back.

Today was going to be worse for him, he could tell. He saw his students gathered near his classroom, just a small quarry and shed where he was able to set up his class since he spent the majority them outside. He couldn’t tell what year they were since his eyes were terrible at distances but he could pick out a few of the females, unless the men were letting their hair grow.

‘Damn,’ he mumbled. Perhaps he should have changed his first class. Girls wouldn’t like it. No, he wasn’t going to change it for the girls! How could he even think of it, besides Avery wouldn’t allow it anyway. No special accommodations for the ladies.

He slowed his pace down to a swift walk, allowing his robes to calm down and cease the flapping noises they had taken up during his jogging and let the contents of the wooden box settle as well. He tried hard not to jostle the box around but had managed to get in a few harsh shocks along the way. He was thinking about maybe just taking the first class… how boring. He sighed as he grew closer to the class waiting for him.

And when he was within reach of them, he greeted them. “Good morning class, I apologize for being tardy,” He placed the box on a stone table he had set up the night before and clasped his hands together. “Glad to see so many of you back,” he nodded towards the few he recognized in his class, “And I’m especially glad to see the new comers,” he smiled broadly at them all.

He plucked from one pocket a small metal box and from the other a small gathering of leaves that looks freshly picked and placed them on the table. “Alright, I’m going to need a volunteer for today’s lesson.” At least he was good at hiding his first class jitters.

OOC: I figured since there might not be too many student who choose this class as an elective, I would just combine all houses and years that qualify. If this is gonna be a problem, just let me know. Thanks! :)

[User Picture]From: nyssa_m
2004-08-18 09:22 pm (UTC)

Nyssa Milth-Ravenclaw, fourth year

Nyssa was attending her first class without her housemates and she found part of it liberating. She chose this class because her father highly recommended it and she thought it would be interesting. If she could have taken all of them she would have but she couldn’t. She was nervous, of course she was, she didn’t know how many girls would be there or if she was going to know anyone at all.
She didn’t get there in time to be the first student which always annoyed her since that meant she couldn’t get the best spot in class and people would be staring. But the teacher hadn’t arrived yet so it wasn’t so bad. She didn’t carry a watch so she wasn’t sure if she was late or if the professor was all she knew was there was a gaggle of boys already there and from where she could see, no girls. But she kept walking anyway, head held high. No need to be shy, she was there to stay.
She tucked her hair behind her ear as she stepped passed a group of boys who had stopped to watch her. Nyssa couldn’t tell what year they were and didn’t look at their robes so she had no idea what houses either. But she stationed herself right next to them near the front of the class, next to a stone table. She draped her bag over her shoulder, she didn’t want it to become the pawn in a keep away game, and clutched the books to her chest. She didn’t look at the rest of the class; she didn’t want to see how much she was out numbered by.
She was only there a few moments before she heard rustle behind her and she turned to see who was coming up behind at such a speed and noticed the professor. He barely seemed old enough to be there teacher. His face was young and reminded her much of her cousins. She thought he looked kind but that always proved to be a bad way of judging people. Most people look kind and are pure evil.
But when he spoke, she was almost certain he was going to be a great professor and be fair.
“Now, I’m going to need a volunteer for today’s lesson,”
Nope, not her, disaster waiting to happen….
But she felt some press behind her and force her to the front of the class and she dropped her bag facing the teacher at the table’s edge.
“I guess I’ll volunteer, Professor, if that’s alright,” Nyssa swallowed. 'Please say no, please say no'.
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From: pureluddite
2004-08-22 09:30 am (UTC)

Re: Nyssa Milth-Ravenclaw, fourth year

Ebenezer smiled a little at the girl. It was tempting to let the girls deal with whatever creature the Professor had dug up, in fact far too tempting to step in instead. "I'd suggest you give the lass a go, Professor. The sooner they start learning their lessons, the better, eh?"
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From: m_winchester_ii
2004-08-26 09:05 pm (UTC)
Professor Winchester was completely shocked at this and he paused for a moment. He looked from Nyssa to Ebenezer. He smiled and turned back to Nyssa.
"Alright then, since you insist," he gestured his hand to the side of the table and while he waited for the young girl to approach, he plucked from the table a leaf and held it up to the group of students.
"Can anyone tell me what this is?" he asked and after a few moments of silence and smiled and nodded. "That's right, it's an Alihotsy leaf. Can anyone tell me about this leaf?"
He looked around the group of student and could tell they were thinking. He decided to give them some time to answer.
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From: pureluddite
2004-08-27 09:23 am (UTC)
Well, if nobody else would volunteer their ignorance... "Hallucinogenic. It causes the mind to experience paranoia, occasionally manifesting itself in violent episodes."
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From: m_winchester_ii
2004-08-27 10:17 am (UTC)
"Ooh, correct, the hysterics this tiny leaf produces is incredible. Here, missy, eat this." He held a rather large leaf up for the girl to take. When she was about to put it in her mouth, he paused her, "Uh, violent tendancies, hysterics, paranoia... let's make it a bit smaller." He ripped the leaf in half and gave it back to her.
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[User Picture]From: nyssa_m
2004-08-27 10:31 am (UTC)
Nyssa froze when she heard the properties of the Alihotsy leaf but she took the leaf from him anyway. She was going to do it anyway just to show them she was strong and willing. She nearly had the piece in her mouth when the professor took it from her and made it smaller. Nyssa placed the smaller piece in her mouth. It was bitter like she expected any leaf to be but it slowly turned mildly sour.
"What do you mean violent tendencies? Paranoia? Hysterics?" she swallowed the leaf and looked towards the teacher. "I don't think it's working, I mean, I don't feel anything." She looked sideways at the class and then back at the professor. "Why are they looking at me?" she whispered, but the whisper was loud enough for everyone to hear and she heard the snickers. "Why are you laughing at me?" She shouted at them, she moved behind the table and came up close to the professor.
"Professor, what's going on, do I have something on my face?" she asked him but still looking at the class. Someone in the back leaned over and spoke, smiling, to the person standing next to him. Nyssa took this as a threat and leapt on the table, she slipped on her robes and fell on it, but she was clawing her way across.
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From: m_winchester_ii
2004-08-27 10:56 am (UTC)
Professor Ambrose grabbed the girl around the waist and pulled her off the table but the second he had removed his hands, she was back across the table, trying to reach the students at the back of the class. She scattered the rest of the leaves and small obejects on the table off and was nearly at the other end when Professor Winchester reach inside his robes and pulled his wand out. He flicked it at the girl and snakelike cords flew from the tip in a light blue haze and bond themselves around the girl. She stopped advancing on the students and laid wiggling on the table top like a fish out of water. "Okay, still too big of a leaf for her," he exhaled, he didn't expect so much excitement.
"Okay, lets remedy the problem at hand. Now, you all know what an Alihotsy leaf does, do you know what insect cures the symptoms? Well, the Glumbumble does," he said, having a hard time seeing the students over the girl on the table. He flicked his wand at the girl, lifted her and laid her on the ground. "Keep an eye on her, will you? Don't want her wiggling into the forest." He said to his class.
He pulled the box in front of him, opened it enough to put his hand in it and pulled from it, a small insect with the body of a bee, the arms of a spider, and grey and furry. "Gather around so you can see." He leaned on the table so he was near the other side and held the insect on his palm. The Glumbumble's nose was a smaller version of an anteaters and hung limp down his sulking face.
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From: pureluddite
2004-08-27 01:22 pm (UTC)
"Ugly fellow, isn't he?" whispered Ebenezer to a few of the older boys, who were mostly ignoring the stricken girl. "Montebank, Rosier, you could do with holding the girl down for the Professor. That's your sort of thing, isn't it?"
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From: m_winchester_ii
2004-09-07 08:54 am (UTC)
"Now, the Glumbumble has the effect of, well, his name. He creates a secretion that causes people who come in contact with him to become glum and sad and," he rolled his head as he went on, "Well, you get it." He paused, checked on Nyssa, and turned back to the class. "Can anyone show me the proper way to milk a Glumbumble? I mean, normally this insect would just secrete the liquid, it gets air born and such, but in this case, when someone needs the anitidote immediately and needs to harvest it, there is a way of milking it out of him. There's actually a few ways I know," he shrugged.
"So, your first lesson is milking the Glumbumble. Now, I have enough for everyone here, please hold fast to them, we don't want them to get loose in the school and causing everyone to have bad days. It won't be fun." He moved the box to the edge of the table and tapped it. "Now, your Glumbumble won't produce much, you're lucky if you get a spoon full, alright, so be gentle. And if you start feeling the effects of the liquid, nibble the leaf. Any questions?" he paused, handed out the dishes on the table.
"Grab your Glumbumble and go to it then." He smiled and flicked his eyebrows up.
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From: pureluddite
2004-09-16 07:00 am (UTC)
It was situations such as this that made Ebenezer realise why the fate of his family did not lie with beasts. Holding the ugly little creature between forefinger and thumb, he prodded the rear of it with his wand, holding it firmly over the little dish in front of him. Rubbing the fur spattered a spray of the secretion across his hand, and he dropped the Glumbumble and pulled on his dragon-skin gloves, avoiding looking at anybody else. Theory was all very well, and he had no objection to work of this sort at home in the holidays, but milking spiders was beyond the pale.
"Should I just rub this over the lass, Professor?"
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From: m_winchester_ii
2004-09-16 10:13 pm (UTC)
Professor Winchester had noticed the girl wiggling violently on the ground and he placed his foot on her back to keep her from biting the ankles of the students around her. He looked up and nodded at Ebenezer, forgetting really. "That would be wonderful, if you could. Gather around," he called to the class. He bent down and moved is finger over her face to indicate to Ebenezer where to spread the serum. "Right under the nose should do it, a thin layer, not to much, we don't ant her to slip into a severe depressive state. Now, watch how powerful and swiftly this works. Glumbumble serum tends to get diluted in tea or mixed with food to calm down the hyperactive child and such," he shrugged, "but is it quite alright to simply apply it to the skin."
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From: pureluddite
2004-09-22 11:36 am (UTC)
The Yorkshire lad groaned. If word of this got about, then Erasmus would make his life hardly worth living. Bending down, he rubbed the wriggling creature across the girl's upper lip. "I don't believe I even need to touch the serum to become depressed, sir. Won't somebody else keep up this farce?" he said, tossing the Glumbumble at one of the other boys, who caught it with ungloved hands. The girl was beginning to calm down.
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